Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving Summary

So much goes into moving I don't know where to start. I think the best way to cover our move would be through pictures. Pictures usually cover the happiest points anyways :-) I will warn you, this post is super duper long....

In the 2 weeks leading up to our move we squeezed in as much socializing as we posssibly could. Some of that included the Iowa State Fair, Gong Fu Tea, and fishing (for Scott at least).

Our trip to the State Fair with Jordan and Sabrina inculded 1 lb burgers

trapping Sabs in sauna in the varied industries building

sipping strawbery smoothies

hick entertainment (and an opportunity to sit in air conditioning)

Exhibit gazing

funnel cake eating (a guilty party has powdered sugar on his shirt...)

and sand sculpture viewing

Scott went fishing with Jordan multiple times but there are no pictures because I didn't go and the boys aren't big on picture taking :-)

Several grand dinners were had with Jordan and Sabs including a gut busting trip to HuHot. I don't think I wanted to eat for a good 3 days afterwards. tooooo much fooooood...

I was so blessed to have my friend Amanda come back from Boston right before I had to move. We met at our favorite spot, Gong Fu Tea, for a good chat and delicious tea.

We even remember to take a picture. I think the last time we had a picture together was during one of Amanda's oboe recitals in college. It has been a few years :-)

Now all the fun socializing ended and serious packing began.

My lovely friend Julia came over to help me clean the apartment. It was wonderful getting to chat with her. Cleaning and packing is 100% better when there is someone to talk to!

I learned that when moving (for real moving, not college moving) you find there was a lot more stuff jammed into your home than expected. My mom had to bring more boxes for all our stuff. She then helped me get everything packed in time. I'm not sure I would have made it without her help.

My parent's, sister, brother Jared, his roommate Ben, and Jordan came to help us pack the truck.

Seeing our empty home made me a bit sad. So many memories.

Outside our very first home.

After packing we went to DQ where Nana and Papa joined us. We didn't linger too long because we still had to attach the car dolly to the truck and pick up Scott's amp and guitar from church.

Tears were shed as I said goodbye to my parents.

A quick pitstop was made at Walmart to purchase a padlock for the truck. Tex meet us in the parking lot to say goodbye. Him and Scott talked for a while as I got eaten by mosquitoes.

We were finally on the road at about 11pm. We headed to Scott's parent's house. Scott was exhausted so we made two nap stops during the 2 hr trip. We finally arrived around 3am. What a long day.

After a night's sleep and a refreshing shower (so amazing after a full day of packing) we said goodbye to Scott's parents and hit the road.

We passed the I-80 truckstop. largest in the world.

We passed an onion truck when fueling the truck.

Goodbye Iowa! our last view as we crossed the Mississippi river.

Scott was an awesome driver ( wasn't allowed to drive the truck since I wasn't old enough according to Budget rental...). There were some stressful moments for him. Such as when we were going through construction on the interstate and a jersey barrier was 1 ft from the truck on the left and a semi was 1 ft from the truck on the right. eeeck!

We finally got to our pricelined hotel in Michigan on Friday night. whoa was it fancy! Not what we were expecting at all

Picture proof of the fanciness.

We were starving an over ordered from Taco Bell (don't order their burritos. they are gross).

The next morning we signed our apt least and got the keys.

Some of my family's friends came over to help us unload. It was wonderful to have help and even more wonderful to see familiar faces. They woudln't let us buy them lunch :-( Instead they bought us lunch. So nice!

We went to church the next day with the same friends and it was very refreshing to hear God's word and be among other believers. We probably won't keep going to that church though because it is rather far away. Our church hunt will continue this week.

Throughout the week I have been unpacking, job hunting, and paperwork sorting. There is a ton of paperwork involved in moving. goodness.

Sorry for the HUGE post but hopefull you are all caught up on our adventure so far :-)
God is good all the time!


  1. Glad to hear you are starting to feel more at home! Hope you are able to find a good church quickly.
    It was good to see y'all in August.

    -The Brewer Cousins

  2. I wish I could have helped you more with your move! I can't wait to see more pictures of your new place, too. And that picture in the sauna? ...Too hilarious for words. :D

  3. Hi Janelle,

    thanks for the comment on my site, you were very right in guessing the location ;) It is a beautiful park and a beautiful campus, isn't it? I hope you enjoy your new location though and are able to get settled in quickly.

    Happy cycling at your new place of residence!

    S. of Simply Bike

  4. Jelly! I didn't realize until now you had a whole blog to yourself and chronicled these life changes whilst I ignored blogger completely. I'm sorry you had to go through a bittersweet time, but it sounds like you are settling in now :) I had to move twice this year, so I know that it's crazy to move all the stuff you didn't know you really had! Miss you :)

  5. I just dread moving.... so much WORK

    I am a new follower.

    Also, I am having a GIVEAWAY of a One Year Supply of Water You Want. This takes the chlorine out of drinking water one glass at a time, or one gallon at a time.