Monday, January 3, 2011

And you thought I had died....

Goodness I have been doing horrible at updating this here blog and for that I sincerely apologize. I could make excuses about the holidays, losing my camera charger, and having to share the computer with my husband but that is just lame so I will stick with apologizing :)

I had a wonderful Christmas holiday back with family in IA. It was so good to spend unhurried time with family and friends. I was especially thankful to see that my dad was healing well from surgery. He is currently fighting cancer for the 3rd time and Christmas is always when we seem to find out about new cancerous growth. Sometimes it seems just horrible to have cancer appear like some sort of sick and demented Christmas gift but at the same time it is also a wonderful time to be facing trials (if there is ever a 'wonderful' time). With Christmas our focus is already turned to God even more than during other mundane times of the year. It makes it easier to remember that God is in control of all things (even the things we don't understand). God is good all the time this I know for sure. Times may hurt but everything will eventually work for God's glory. And isn't that what we are all here to do anyways? Bring glory to God?

On a more cheerful note, let me tell you about a few of the lovely gifts I got for Christmas!

Scott bought me a beautiful sewing machine (this is also my birthday present and possibly another year's worth of Christmas and birthday gifts as well) and I simply love it! I love being able to make and fix things. One of the first things I am going to be doing is making diapers for our little one before he arrives. I received some diaper making supplies such as PUL and heavy duty elastic from my parents for Christmas and I am excited to try my hand at making diapers. I am forcing myself to clean/unpack/put away Christmas decorations before breaking out the sewing machine. Tonight's activity will be diaper making! :) Having the ability to sew has also sent me in search of ways to inexpensively outfit the baby's room/storage room. My urge to make a cute nursery probably also stems from the fact that we picked up the crib my siblings and I used when we were in Iowa for the holidays. Don't worry, it is safe even if it is old, I've done my research. :) Anyone have any color schemes that would work for a little boy and would incorporate a pale yellow jenny lind crib? I would love any suggestions :)

One of the many disadvantage to not posting more regularly is that SO much happens that I would love to tell you about and my posts then go on for ever and ever. I suppose I should just go back in time periodically to fill in the gaps and tell you all the neato things that happen when I'm absent from the interwebs. I shall resolve to do so :)

I should go and finish cleaning the apartment now. I don't want to fiddle away my last vacation day!


  1. Sounds like some exciting sewing experiments to come!! My wife would be super jealous!

  2. I've always liked a green and yellow theme...or you could go Winnie the Pooh. :)

  3. @ Levi: Does Allyson really like to sew?
    @ Sabrina: I like yellow and green too. I just wonder if I over use green haha. It is in every single room except the bathroom :)