Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Wreath

This week has been quite warm for February and almost all of the snow has melted. The sunny balmy weather has had me thinking of spring and with spring comes the need for something green and something fresh and new. I decided it was time to head to Hobby Lobby and take advantage of their 50% off flower stems. I created an autumn wreath this past fall and so I figured I could just re-decorate the wreath and save a little money as well as save on storage space (don't have to store and off season wreath). Below are a few in-progress photos as wells as the finished product. I feel quite happy with the results. Spring is in the air!

half-way de-constructed

Flowers to save for this coming fall

supplies for the new wreath

rough lay-out

Finished product. I wish I had a few more white flowers but I didn't want to spend more than $8 on the whole thing. Perhaps I will find something else to add at a later date but for now I am happy with it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Husband is Amazing

I have been really hit this week with what a wonderful husband I have. Scott has been working a bajillion hours (last night he didn't get home till after 2am!) and the last time he had to work so many hours I got grumpy because I didn't get to see him much at all . However, this time I have been shown what a blessing it is to have such a hard working husband. I still hate the fact that he has to work so much and I hate the fact that these long hours are wearing him down (I hope he doesn't get sick!) but I have just been so impressed with his focus and desire to do his job to the very best of his ability even when he is exhausted and his feet are aching from standing for 14+ hours. He hasn't complained or gotten grumpy (things I'm sure I would do if I had to work that many hours!) but instead has looked on the bright side of things (yay for being hourly instead of salaried!) and remained cheerful even when exhausted. There are so many things about my husband that amaze me but this has been one that I have been thinking about all week, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to brag about him on my little corner of the internet(even if he does think blogs are silly haha). I'm just so proud of all he does for us. Thanks hun for being so awesome!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shaving Decision Chart

I had to repost this picture because it is so awesomely funny and terribly true (especially in the winter).


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have been very uninspired so to speak about updating this blog. Life has been interesting I just don't know what to write about it, or I have just been to lazy to type much up.

This past weekend Scott's parents came to visit us which was lots of fun (and an added bonus was the apt got cleaned very well in anticipation of their visit. yay!). They took us to go see Cirque de la Symphony which is a orchestra concert with jugglers and aerialists. Pretty much awesome. I always enjoy the symphony on a cold winter evening but the addition of a little circus made it even more fun (and less stuffy).

Scott and I discovered an awesome Chinese resturant here which makes us so so so happy. We smiled the entire 1/2 hr drive home after supper last night. The food was that good. The best thing was we were able to request Chinese dishes that weren't on the menue and Scott hadn't eaten since China (and I had never eaten). The new (to me) dish we tried was called todou si. It is basically shredded potatoes stir fried with oil and vinager and some other sort of seasoning I couldn't make out as well as peppers (which weren't in our dish last night on account of the chef not being sure if we wanted them). The potatoes are slightly sour, lightly smoky, and still a tad crunchy (not mushy like hasbrowns). Sooooo yummy! We also had ma po dofu and Scott said it rivaled any he had while in China. The staff was super friendly too and the owner ran over to us on our way out to give us some deep fried nian gao which is apparently a dessert eaten during the Chinese New Year. It is a sticky glutinous rice paste (this was flavored with red bean) and deep fried in a light batter. So amazing! It was the first thing with red bean that I actually liked. We are planning on going back for Valentine's day. A special treat for both of us :) I will try to remember my camer next week so I can show pictures of this awesome food. It is our cheap trip to China :)