Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainy Day

Today was a cool rainy day and so working on putting up a fence with Ike on my back was off the to-do list.  The rainy weather must have been affecting Ike's mood because he was rather fussy and clingy all day even with two naps.  His fussiness ment it would be most profitable to stay at home (rather than scrub walls at the house) and work on something what wouldn't get in the way of him constantly hugging my legs and needing frequent cuddles.  Hence I started work on the long avoided clothes sorting.  I had quite the pile of clothes on the floor in our room since the owner of this house decided that it would be a great idea to secure the closet bar into nothing but drywall.  no studs = closet bar on the floor = clothes on the floor.  Since I had a mess of clothes anyways I decided I should do some sorting and paring down.  My goal was to only have current season and currently fitting clothes in the dresser and all other clothes in one rubbermaid tub.  I succeeded with this goal which I think is pretty impressive considering the tub held all my winter clothes, maternity clothes, and postpartum clothes.  The room still looks a little rough because I need to find a new home for my fabric basket (it used to live in the closet above the now broken closet bar) ,I need to put clean sheets back on the bed and a vacuum needs to be run around the room.  For a rainy cranky day I am pretty please with what was accomplished.  I plan to finish tomorrow since it looks like another cold and rainy day is coming.
Rainy Day
Little boy needs some cuddles

Folding and sorting

All my winter clothes, maternity clothes,
and postpartum clothes fit in this tub

I found this belt that Scott made for me
 the Christmas before we started dating

My dad's old college sweatshirt that I ruined by accidentally
 washing & drying with an ink pen.I decided to cut it up into rags
 and save the center to put into my t-shirt quilt.

Looking better.

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