Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rodent Trouble

I finally finished planting my garden last week only to discover yesterday that every single little leaf possible had been eaten.  Apparently I planted a delicious buffet for some rodent(s).  I think my mysterious destructive rodent is a ground hog because I saw one scurrying along the side fence this evening. Tonight I purchased chicken fence and I hope to get my garden surrounded before too many of my seeds start emerging.  Some of my winter squash and cucumbers have already sprouted and I"m scared that they will be eaten tonight.  I also need to purchase 30+ new tomato plants and a handful of pepper plants since it is too late in the season to restart from seed.  Thanks a lot you little rodent. Soon though I will have the upper hand!
The poor chewed on nubs of a watermelon plant

Thankfully the rodent can't touch the pear tree

Will my cucumbers last through the night?

Will my winter squash survive the ravages of the rodent?

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