Monday, July 9, 2012

Kicking it Up a Notch

1st coat of Polyurethane

Well we are getting down to the wire on house renovations.  We have 2 more weeks to finish the house and move. Yikes! This week we have to finish the floors and painting and then we will tile the bathroom and install the toilet. Scott applied the first coat of polyurethane to the living room last night and unfortunately, due to poor lighting and late at night work, the poly was applied a bit to thickly.  That means we will have to wait longer before sanding and doing the second coat. At least we have more floor to work on while the sander is rented. I think the next few weeks will be a bit on the stressful side as we work like mad to finish things.  Poor Ike will not have a very fun time hanging out in his jumper while mama works on the house :(

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