Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Saturday Adventure

 On Saturday we decided to drive to Lake Michigan to view it in it's winter state.  Driving is a relaxing hobby for us.  Scott has trucker blood running through his veins and I love chatting with him and watching the scenery as the children are happily engaged watching out the window or sleeping.  Peaceful and relaxing. It was very windy out by the lake and even though we had the kids bundled up we did not stay long near the water.  The kiddos were not having much fun and my momma heart was rather nervous being near the slushy frozen lake.  It was really neat though to see the ice formations from the waves freezing on the shore.  Another cool thing about visiting the Lake during the winter was seeing all of the fancy yachts stored on shore. They sure looked big on land!


  1. Your comment got deleted on this post too Grandma so sorry :( It was very windy and cold on the lake shore

  2. I love that pic of the ice waves on the bridge. So neat.