Thursday, March 14, 2013

Afternoon Exploring

It was close to 40 degrees today and wonderfully sunny.  I haven't taken the kids outdoors to play for a long time because it has either been cold and icky and/or I was by myself and wasn't sure if I could manage Ike and Norah.  We live with a rather busy road on one side of our house and not much for sidewalk in the neighborhood.  With a toddler who is still a bit spotty in immediate obedience you can understand why I have been a bit timid about venturing out alone with the kiddos.  Today was just so wonderfully sunny though that I figured it was worth a try.  We all needed some sun and fresh air. I bundled the kids up and instructed Ike to hold onto the stroller while we were walking and away we went.  I was so proud of Ike for obeying without a fuss the entire walk.  We were out for probably a good half hour or more and he happily held onto the stroller as we walked.  We discovered pine cones and Ike picked up the pine cones laying in the street gutter and placed them back in the yard where they originated.  What a helpful boy cleaning up the street :)  He decided to stop picking up after encountering some pine cones lying on a pile of mud/winter street crud.  He declared it "yuck" and we continued on our walk.  We saw birds, and a cat, many dogs, and a few humans.  I'm so glad we ventured outside.  With Ike's obedience and spring fast approaching I imagine we will be having more of these wonderful walks outside in God's creation.


  1. Spring is definitedly coming. What a wonderful walk with Isaac and Norah.

  2. I can't wait for our chance!

    P.S. I like your new blog design. :)