Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Fever

Spring is finally starting to show up; although, winter is not leaving without a fight as evidenced by the light dusting of wet snow a few days ago.  Last week was rainy, gray, and cool - not very pleasant weather. I am hopeful that the moisture will prove to be beneficial this summer, since last year was incredibly dry and the water table was lowered by farmers trying to keep their crops alive.  When the sun peeks from behind the clouds, our entire family is hit with an intense desire to run outside and bask in its rays; or in the case of the adults in the group, we desire to start working on the horrible lawn and overgrown flower beds.  I have most of my veggies started in pots and am looking forward to May when I can transplant them.  This year, we're focusing on fixing the outside of the house since we focused on the interior last year.  It is hard to look at the whole picture and not get caught up in wanting all your grand plans completed at once; landscaping takes time, plants have to grow, and materials aren't free.  The joy is really in the journey, isn't it? Right now we're enjoying the sun, the grass that gets greener by the day, and the surprise bulb flowers that are popping up around the yard.  Spring is always so full of possibility.

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  1. I'm so happy to see your new pictures and blog. I just returned from your parent's home and they have green grass and two dandelions blooming. The city daffodils are all in bloom also and Gray's Lake had many people yesterday. Even a couple of paddle boats on the lake. I'm happy to see two great grandchildren on that quilt. I had forgotten which border was on that one. Thanks for using it.