Sunday, April 28, 2013


The sun has been peeking out of the clouds the past few days allowing me to once again line dry diapers.  It is wonderful to see the sun bleaching the stains out of the fabric.

Small clumps of flowers have been blooming around the yard, and it has been quite fun finding the colorful surprises.  I need to mark the flowers so I can replant them this fall in the beds I hope to clear this year.

This year's garden is partially planted.  My seedlings are growing strong and healthy indoors and my cold hardy seeds were planted in the ground yesterday.  We should see some sprouts by the end of this week.  Today is rainy and the rest of the week is predicted to be in the 70s and dry - perfect growing weather.  Every year when I plant my garden, I am filled with excitement and trepidation. I can't wait to see everything growing and thriving, but what if this year is hot and dry like last year or what if it is cold and damp? What if that stupid ground hog circumvents the fence and eats every last tomato and cucumber again? What if the deer decide to munch on my beans? Whew, I can only imagine how much more intensely my ancestors felt these feelings each spring as they planted their food supply for the next year.  If our garden doesn't produce well, we will still be able to eat in the winter - our ancestors didn't have that luxury.  What a blessing to have a much more secure food source, and what a reminder to not take things for granted!

The kids enjoyed the fresh air while we planted the garden.  Ike enjoyed it a bit more than Norah since he can run around, climb all over the park's play equipment, and ride his mini four-wheeler.

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