Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Boy

{Warning} This post is picture heavy.

Ike turned two last week and we had a lot of fun celebrating. We started the fun the day before by going to the park. Ike is currently in love with playing at the park and so we knew he would have a blast being a little monkey and running over the open fields.

That evening, once the kiddos were in bed, I worked on finishing the birthday preparations. Streamers wear hung in front of his door (a birthday tradition from my childhood), the birthday banner was strung over the window, presents were wrapped, and the finishing touches were made to the chocolate cake.  Just as I was getting ready for bed I remembered that I had not built Isaac' s present from Grandma & Granddad  Brewer. So I woke Scott up to help build the Ikea child's chair. I always seem to have such trouble getting Ikea furniture together.

Once Ike woke up in the morning and ate breakfast,  we opened gifts.  This year Ike knew what to do with the tissue paper and didn't need much help.  Once he opened his helicopter, all he wanted to do was play with it, so we had to convince him to set it down and finish opening gifts.  His favorite gifts turned out to be the hammer from his tool set and his helicopter. They are constantly being played with.

Cake was next on the agenda. We figured that having cake as a mid-morning snack would cause the sugar buzz to be over by nap time and allow us to have cake on Ike' s actual birthday before Scott had to go to work.

When lunch rolled around I expressed by love for Ike by frying up homemade chicken nuggets. I hate frying food but Ike loves nuggets.  I figured it would be healthier to make my own rather than have McDonalds make them. Ike LOVES dip so the meal was based around the concept of dipping. Chicken nuggets, baked sweet potato fries, and green beans. At the beginning of the meal Ike used the food to get the dips into his mouth but by the end of lunch he had abandoned the food and went straight to sucking the dip off his fingers. This tendency to just eat dip is why we almost never offer the option of dip to him , but since it was his special birthday meal we let him eat a lunch almost exclusively comprised of ranch, ketchup, mustard, and bbq sauce.

Once the morning festivities were over Ike went down for a nap, Scott went to work, and the day returned to normal.