Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Week in My Garden

2 Weeks Ago:


This Week:


The bush beans are about finished producing, but the pole beans are growing more and more everyday. They should soon be ready for picking.

I need to weed the front garden bed, collect my spinach seeds, and then plant kale for late fall harvest.

Our tomatoes are finally ripening.  The Rosso Sicilian tomatoes are so pretty with their red wrinkles.  I'm starting to wish that I had planted more tomatoes.  This is my first year planting indeterminates, and I think I should have twice the number of plants in order to have canning quantities ripe at the same time.   So far, I am really liking how indeterminate plants grow, and they will most likely dominate over determinates next year.

The auxiliary garden is completely run over by weeds, but the garden plants seem to be doing well so I haven't worried too much about the weeds.  It looks a little terrible, but with the rainy weather we have had for the past two weeks I haven't bothered trimming anything back. Our corn is the shortest corn I have ever seen.  We do have baby ears growing so maybe we will get something from this after thought planting.

I have been enjoying my zinnias in the garden and on my kitchen table.  Next year I am planting many more flowers, especially sunflowers.  Only three sunflower plants made it this year, so next year I will plant more seeds. It makes me smile to see their leaves and heads turned towards the sun.

Scott's watermelon is still alive but only has one tiny melon on a tiny vine. It does not appear to be thriving.  I'm not sure why. We will see if it grows to an edible size by the time summer ends.

I have been keeping a eye close on our pears this year in hopes of catching them at peak picking time.  I'm not exactly sure when that is though since out European pears must be picked slightly green in order to ripen correctly.  It is more confusing than picking apples.

We have ripped out two of the overgrown flower beds near the house.  In one we left the hostas we hope to transplant up front this fall, but the other bed we tilled to plant a fall/winter garden.  We are on the lookout for old windows in order to make some cold frames.  I hope we find some! I have starting planting carrots and will continue to make successive plantings of various greens in the coming weeks.  I am trusting that we will find windows but if we don't I will only be out a few dollars worth of seed.  It is worth a shot to try and grow/harvest vegetables all year long.  I have been devouring the book The Four Season Harvest. It has so much information and is incredibly inspiring.

Hopefully next week I will be able to report that there are enough ripe tomatoes to start canning!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your garden with me. I will be interested in hearing and seeing about your fall/winter garden.