Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Waste Thursday

 I thought it might be fun to participate in The Frugal Girl's weekly link-up documenting what food was wasted during the week.  It really makes you realize how much food and money is being wasted by not paying attention to what is in the fridge and/or over buying.  I'm hoping to make this a {semi} regular post and hopefully documenting my food waste will help me to waste less and be a better steward of the things God has given me.

This week was a bit challenging on the food waste since a certain little toddler turned the fridge temp down to the coldest setting and I did not realize it till the next morning when the milk was frozen.  Improperly frozen fresh produce is much harder to use. I was able to rescue many of the veggies but the jalapeno, kale, lettuce, and green onion were getting old to begin with and the freeze put them over the edge. Also, almond milk precipitates into nasty chunks when frozen and I don't think even a smoothie would save it.

I was able to salvage a head of iceberg lettuce by stir frying it. Apparently this is actually the most common way to eat lettuce in China according to Scott. I tried making a skillet supper with some of the frozen zucchini but even in a cooked application they were unpleasantly mushy. So, with the remaining  two zucchini I made some bread. yum! I was even able to add a leftover sweet potato half to the bread for added moisture and nutrition.  The above picture is the most incredible spinach I have ever seen.  I thought it would be a goner after the fridge freeze but when I glanced at it, lo and behold, the majority of the spinach appeared quite fresh and crisp. I proceeded to sort through the leaves and the small pile is what I deemed compost and large pile is perfectly edible.  To makes things even more amazing the sell by date on the bag was Jan 30th!

Over all, I don't feel like I did too poorly with food waste this week (lets not talk about the baked oatmeal I ruined this week by absent-mindedly adding twice the required salt). I hope to improve this coming week. we shall see if having a weekly meal plan will reduce waste.  Will I stick to the schedule or will I go free stylin' with my cooking? If I deviated I wonder how well my changes will utilize the ingredients I have on hand.  Do you often have food in the fridge that you must toss because you forgot about it? How do you minimize the waste?

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