Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food Waste Thursday

I didn't get around to posting my food waste last week so you get two week's worth today.

Last Week:

Cleaned out some of the condiments in the fridge door.  The apple cider was almost gone but the rim was growing mold or something so I decided to chuck it all.  I tried some instant undon miso soup from Aldi and was disappointed in its flavor, I was never desperate enough for lunch to finish it off. I can't believe I forgot to use up the leftover valentine's steak.  How did that slip though the cracks? My lettuce didn't even last a week.  Disappointing. I should have stored the grapes in the refrigerator. Ike was plowing through them so I thought we would be done with them within a day. I was wrong. Those poor poptarts were crushed to death by energetic toddlers.  Thankfully they were free.

 This Week:

I had two leftover hard boiled eggs.  They were getting close to a month old so I figured it would be safest to toss them. Below the eggs are a few tablespoons of forgotten red pepper that was starting to feel slimy.  Sadly I never made fish cakes from the left over perch and week old fish is a bit sketchy.  On the far right is the remains for cinnamon sugar rice.  I made a double batch assuming that my kiddos would love it as much as I did growing up.  How could they not love it? Rice, cinnamon, sugar, milk, and raisins. These are all things they love.  Apparently they don't love them all together.  I could only handle eating so much cinnamon and sugar rice for breakfast before I gave up.

This smoked swiss cheese is hard as a rock but smells fine and has no mold so I think I might try to rescue it by using it as a grating cheese.

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