Thursday, April 3, 2014

Food Waste Thursday

Food Waste Thursday is inspired by The Frugal Girl where pictures of wasted food are posted in a public forum to serve as incentive to waste less and be better stewards of the resources we are blessed with.
Once again I didn't stick the grapes in the fridge and they spoiled much to quickly.  I've had the lime jello in the fridge for weeks and weeks.  I made it when Scott had strep throat in February but jello doesn't really go bad so I kept holding on to it thinking the kids would enjoy eating it as a treat now and then.  Nope they don't like it anymore than I do.  Apparently they don't have the same tastes as I did as kid :) I never got around to making leftover oatmeal muffins and 2-3 weeks old oatmeal is questionable even though it looks and smells fine. My applesauce muffins got moldy quicker than I thought they would. I guess having self control and not snarfing the entire batch within two days has its drawbacks.

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