Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stitch Fix Box

I received my second Stitch Fix box today and so I thought I would share with you what I received and get your thoughts on the items.  I asked for a floral dress since I am hosting a bridal tea this month for my little sister and a new dress would be perfect for the occasion.  Stitch fix did not have any floral dresses in stock when packing my box which was a bit sad, however I think they did a good job catching the spirit of a bridal tea with a modern take on floral and lace. I learned that previous box notes do not transfer to your next box. On my first box I requested my clothes to be made in the USA or from an ethical production company but that request was not considered in this box.  This box had clothes solely produced in China.  If I receive any good comments from Scott I will add them to my thoughts on the items.  Let me know what you think!

P.S. if you want to try Stitch Fix would you mind signing up through this link? I would receive credit for the referral. Awesome! 

The Items Sent:

 I really like this lace top.  I feel like the hemline is a little wonky but that could just be me.  The necklace goes really well with the blouse but I don't think it is worth $38 for how often it would be worn. The skirt is comfortable and basic. It is so basic I'm pretty sure I could whip one up over nap time for a fraction of the cost. 
 I love the color of the jean but they are a tad too tight for my comfort.  I'm not sure what I think about the ankle length. Stylish for sure, though I personally feel like I had a summer growth spurt and now my jeans are too short.
 mmmmmm not crazy about the top, although the floral is fun with the jeans.
No to this combination.
Please ignore the messy room. My sister's room was the only full length mirror available and there was no one to take my pictures during my naptime break :)

The photos include the following items:
#1 Pixley Statement necklace ($38), Renee C Lace Blouse ($58), & Pixley Swing Skirt ($68)
#2 Pixley Statement necklace ($38), Renee C Lace Blouse ($58), & Pink Martini Ankle Jean ($44)
#3 Kut From The Kloth Sheer Floral Top ($68) & Pink Martini Ankle Jean ($44)
#4 Kut From The Kloth Sheer Floral Top ($68) & Pixley Swing Skirt ($68)

What are your thoughts? What should I keep? Right now I'm thinking of only keeping the lace blouse.

1 comment:

  1. Those jeans look GREAT with your long legs! You're right, very stylish.
    The lace top is really pretty and necklace is cute. I would definitely keep the necklace if you were going to work everyday, but not if you aren't wearing it much!
    I agree on the last one. ;)