Thursday, January 28, 2016

100 Dollars of Groceries for the Month of February

For the month of February I have decided to run an experiment with our grocery budget.  I plan to see how well we can eat on $100 for our family of 5. Listed below are the parameters I will be following:

-$100 for food (does not cover things like dish soap or trash bags. Only edibles)
-My frozen meat storage is off limits
-my dry good pantry and frozen fruit/veg is available for use

I plan to document what we eat for the month and if I’m really with it I will note what was purchased with the $100 and what came from my pantry. 

I will be feeding my husband, myself, and three children ages 4, 3, and 9 months.  We eat 3 meals a day at home (my husband takes his lunch to work).  In the month of February there is one birthday (mine) and we will be hosting dinner for my husband’s Bible study group (up to an additional 5 grown men to feed).

I will officially start the experiment on Monday, February 1st.  However, I will be doing my first grocery shopping of the experiment this coming Friday, January 29th.

Will I be able to feed the family well rounded meals? Let’s find out!

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