Friday, February 5, 2016

Week One of the $100 Grocery Experiment

My grocery bill was $21.20 for the week. I shopped exclusively at Aldi.  Below is what I purchased:


I was able to use the chicken in three different dinners and there is still some chicken soup leftover.  So far things have not been too hard to put together.  This week I found that I had much less food waste when I knew I was limited in what I had to use.  The kids have had much more limited snack choices and as a result they have hardly snacked (because apparently they aren't usually hungry enough to eat an orange but are hungry enough to eat the non-existent veggie straws. of course).  With the greatly reduced snacking has come much better appetites at meal time and much more appreciation for the food.  I might just have to keep this fruit or veggie only snack policy.  The kids ate the bananas for snacks although I did not record which days they consumed them.

I'm not a very good blogger, I didn't take pictures of all the food I made. In fact I only remembered to photograph a few things.

The items in red used the groceries I purchased for the week, the rest used ingredients I had in my pantry or leftovers in the fridge from the previous week.

Breakfast: oatmeal with brown sugar, hemp hearts, and milk
Lunch: PB&J with cinnamon apple slices- kids, leftover catalan meatball with boiled potatoes-me,    PB&J, veggie straws, almonds, salad, cheese stick, granola bar- Scott
Supper: bean & tortilla soup, cornbread
Breakfast: egg burritos with cheese
Post snow play snack: leftover seasoned crackers
Lunch: PB&J with cinnamon apple slices and pretzels- kids, pinto beans, leftover cornbread, half  avocado- me, pb&J, veggie straws, celery sticks, granola bar, almonds, cheese stick- scott
Supper: Roast chicken, baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts
Breakfast: Egg & bread omelet, mandarin oranges
Lunch: PB&K sandwiches, apple slices
Supper: Chicken and bean enchiladas, cooked broccoli
Breakfast: Egg & bread omelet, mandarin oranges
Lunch: mac & cheese, applesauce- kids, grilled cheese and tomato soup- me and Sabrina, cheese, bread, carrot sticks, granola bar, almonds – Scott
Supper: chicken noodle soup
Breakfast: egg burritos
Lunch: sandwich

Supper: unexpected babysitting so Scott and I went out to eat and split a Zombie burger and shake (not from groceries) 

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