Monday, April 25, 2016

This week I spent $21.62 at Aldi and $5 at Fareway (all that chicken you see was 33 cents/lb!!) bringing my total for the month to $98.78.  Pictured below is what I purchased.
The items in red used the groceries I purchased for the week, the rest used ingredients I had in my pantry or leftovers in the fridge from the previous week.

Since I'm writing this report so long after the experiment ended I do not remember which day we ate what for breakfast and lunch since I did not record them like I did supper.  I do know that breakfast was either oatmeal with hemp hearts, milk, and brown sugar, egg burritos, or a quick egg and bread omelette.  Lunch for Scott and kids was PB&J with fruit and raw veggies and I ate leftover from the previous night's supper.

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls from the freezer
Lunch: pizza at my parent's house
Supper: popcorn and leftovers
Chicken cheese casserole and spinach
Kids's ate mac&cheese while Scott took me out to eat at Centro as a birthday present. 
Spaghetti and bean "not meatballs", green beans

The rest of the month:
On Wednesday evening my dad entered hospice and then early Friday morning went home to be with his Savior.  Since I was doing this challenge my house was completely cleared out of convenience foods and we had even eaten the last piece of bread for breakfast on Wednesday.  We had church family watching the kids while Scott and I were at hospice and since our kiddos were graciously being watched I did not want to add to the burden by requiring a from scratch meal be made in order to feed the kids.  I stopped at the grocery store to purchase a few boxes of mac and cheese, a bag or two of frozen broccoli, some bagels, sliced cheese, bananas, apples, and some bread.  The total came $25.51 which caused me to go over the $100 mark by $24.29.  If these extenuating circumstances has not occurred I believe that I would have been able to stick to my $100 budget since my meals were planned based on my grocery shopping mentioned at the beginning of the post.  I enjoyed this experiment as it forced me to be creative and not waste food, encouraged me to not be lazy even on tiring days, and freed me from the "which product should I get" debate at the grocery store because I was only looking for the cheapest and most versatile.  I could not be tempted by the delightful special buys that Aldi runs each week and quickly passed by the chocolates :)  I am, however, thankful that I do not have to live on $100 a month because it leaves much less wiggle room for meals when ill or when extenuating circumstances occur.

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