Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Three of the $100 Grocery Experiment

This week my grocery bill from Aldi was $25.48 bringing the monthly total to $72.16.  Below is a photo of what I purchased
The items in red used the groceries I purchased for the week, the rest used ingredients I had in my pantry or leftovers in the fridge from the previous week.

Since I'm writing this report so long after the experiment ended I do not remember which day we ate what for breakfast and lunch since I did not record them like I did supper.  I do know that breakfast was either oatmeal with hemp hearts, milk, and brown sugar, egg burritos, or a quick egg and bread omelette.  Lunch for Scott and kids was PB&J with fruit and raw veggies and I ate leftover from the previous night's supper.

Lunch: at my parent's house
Supper: popcorn and leftovers
leftover split pea soup (??)

Middle eastern lentil soup, rice, carrots 
Sausage & bean patties, Peaches(?), broccoli(?)
I can't find my notes for this day and so I have no idea.  It was something out of my stores of food :)
Chicken congee

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