Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week Two of the $100 Grocery Experiment

This week my grocery bill from Aldi was $25.48.  This brings my monthly total to $46.68.  Pictured below is what I purchased.

The items in red used the groceries I purchased for the week, the rest used ingredients I had in my pantry or leftovers in the fridge from the previous week.

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls from the freezer
Lunch: Kusherie (a lentil and rice dish pictured below)
Supper: popcorn and leftovers
Since I'm writing this report so long after the experiment ended I do not remember which day we ate what for breakfast and lunch since I did not record them like I did supper.  I do know that breakfast was either oatmeal with hemp hearts, milk, and brown sugar, egg burritos, or a quick egg and bread omelette.  Lunch for Scott and kids was PB&J with fruit and raw veggies and I ate leftover from the previous night's supper.

Split pea soup, biscuits, salad, angel food cake.
This was the night we hosted men's Bible study for supper.  It was also the night I came down with a stomach bug which was then passed through the whole family.  Lots of fun.
scrounge what you could.  Mostly crackers for the sick ones.
Tangy Tuna Mac and broccoli
Tortellini soup, bread, salad, apples

Pizza, apples
Baked beans, cornbread, cabbage and carrot salad

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